How did it all start?

ATGNI started in 2008, the company I worked for were doing the "Bike to Work "scheme" and as I was riding an Ebay special I took advantage and bought a Claud Butler Olympus XT.

Nick already had a mountain bike and suggested we had a trip to Dalby Forest. Armed with the right steed, we went and I was hooked. Soon other friends joined in the fun and were bitten by the bug.

We soon had all the gear, but being novices not much idea! This showed when we tried to change our first set of brake pads and was confirmed on our first North Yorkshire Moors ride when we got very lost! So the name was born and soon sparked off another passion of mine.

Being a Web Designer in a previous life I decided that a website for us to hold all our memories in the form of pictures and stories was essential with all the new found reasons to smile! Shortly after this I set up the Facebook group so arranging rides amongst friends was much easier and gave us the hope that some like-minded folk might join us.

Simon Richmond Section 13

The first year was slow, with only 12 members and only the original 6 riding, Marc kept spreading the word at work, which saw James Wearn join us. Soon after Mark Bayliss and Richard Ayres joined in via Facebook. These three brought a new dimension to the group and tested our skill, fitness and desire to move our riding on.

Over the following years, more people came to the group and join in our rides taking part in the friendly but sometimes relentless banter. 2012 saw the group really take off with over 100 members with rides sometimes planned everyday of the week. On occasions, over 20 riders are turning out for each one. We now have a Strava group (friendly rivalry in many disciplines of riding) and a You Tube channel as we continue to grow. The year also saw the introduction of ATGNI team riding gear and has raised the profile of the group even further afield.

The future looks bright for ATGNI and from that small Acorn in 2008 a Giant Oak tree has now grown. The best thing about ATGNI is having a crew to ride with, never having to ride alone and meeting somebody each year that I definitely want to ride with again.

Could the next member be you?????